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Ceramic Tile with Exotic Timber Look from Ariana


This new ceramic tile collection from Ariana is simply called Bali. And created to emulate Indonesia's exotic woods - it takes you there in seconds. The best part? No trees were harmed to make this incredible flooring! The variegated bark of the banana tree was one of the main inspirations for this line, along with reclaimed wood slats and exotic cabinetry. Can't you just see the palm fronds and hear the ocean waves? In a range of six colors and not afraid to "go against the grain", the Bali collection brings nature inside. Be creative and run it right up the wall from the floor! (Be sure to view the last picture below to see this idea in action.) Whatever your natural style, Bali is sure to get your attention.


With a range of colors and juxtaposed grains - this line can create a floor with style.


Or you could choose the reclaimed plank look.


Continue your ceramic tile right up the wall for a different look!

More information: Ariana

Posted in Tile on September 28, 2013 12:50 PM

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