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Ametis Faucets by Graff


The newest collection of Ametis faucets by Graff begs the question, "When is a faucet just a faucet?" The answer is never! Consider this essential hardware the jewelry of your home, adding some sparkle to an otherwise plain bathroom. In addition to the previously released line of interesting bathroom faucets, Davide Oppizzi of DCUBE created this contemporary collection with an eye toward nature and a penchant for a contemporary, clean aesthetic. Fittingly inspired by water and waves, each faucet takes a cue from its flowing muse with long, lean lines and a slim body boasting a gently twisting silhouette. The lever on/off handle is a modern touch that maintains the sleek, slender lines of the faucet. Accompanying its futuristic aesthetic, this faucet has another modern feature you'll appreciate - an electronic colored ring turns from blue to red and vice versa as the water temperature changes. These sink, shower and bathtub faucets come in deck- and wall-mounted styles, and are available in chrome, dramatic black and contemporary white finishes. For additional details, visit Graff.


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