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Acrylic Table Design by Colico Design

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How intriguing is the design of this acrylic Oste Table by Colico Design? A traditional shape but interpreted with a modern twist via its material. Sleek and light, this table is hip and elegant all at once. It would enhance any gathering or dining experience, peaking the interest of those sitting around it. In an interior scheme, this table has the advantage of being large without taking up too much visual space because of its transparency. Light bounces off of it, giving it a bright and delicate personality. Learn more about Oste at Colico Design.




Posted in Furniture on April 28, 2012 6:36 PM

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  • Views: 497
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Estou interessado em adquirir mesas em acrílico neste modelo, gostaria de saber valor e procedimentos

How much is this table? Or do you have a price list?

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