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Baby Bassinet and Cradle with Windows by Gloria Lavi

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Talk about a room with a view! The Lavi Cruiser Bassinet and Dreamer Cradle have windows - how clever is that? How many times do you think your newborn cries in the night when they wake up and see nothing? What if they could look out the window? You might get more sleep! In any event, you know it will be more interesting for baby than staring at a (usually white) wall. These charming pieces are the brainchild of Gloria Lavi, who found the baby furniture market to be less than inspiring, when shopping for her own upcoming bundle of joy. And a baby furniture company was born, alongside the baby. 100% made in Germany and working with small, environmentally conscious suppliers, the "little folks interior" line is lovingly designed to provide your baby with the best environment possible. The organic design envelops your baby and helps them to feel safe, while taking the nursery up a notch in style. Doesn't your special delivery deserve a special bassinet and cradle like this?


The cradle gently rocks back and forth.


The bassinet is on wheels for smooth movement!


The organic shape holds the baby safe and close, but the windows open up the world.


With such style, these pieces will look great in any room of the house - no need to keep them in the nursery!


More information: Gloria Lavi

Posted in Furniture on December 6, 2013 7:20 AM

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