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Transforming Desk Bed for Small Spaces by BLESS

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Mira Schroder of Bless had the most incredible idea - what if you could sleep in the same space that you work? And this clever transforming desk bed was born. Isn't this one of the best pieces of transformable furniture you've seen yet? At the push of a button it flips over and becomes a bed! If you've got space issues, this is your answer. The desk is a great size, none of that micro furniture here. And the bed has special sheets that latch to the underside of the table when you turn it into a desk again. And really, doesn't this desk look like a serious desk? You'd never suspect there was a bed under there! Now, that's design at its best.


The flip of a button starts the transformation from desk to bed.


Sheets are a special design that latch to the bed.


More information: BLESS
Via: Remodelista

Posted in Furniture on December 2, 2013 5:20 PM

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