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Veli Translucent Pendant Lights from Slamp

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Here's a contemporary pendant that is ruffling up the interior design world - Veli from Italian lighting company Slamp. This elegant design by Adriano Rachele is dressed to impress, inspired by folded fabric and formal frills, or a veil, if you will. Made of Opalflex, this gauzy, translucent material has a ghostly glow when illuminated, casting a soft, diffused light through your home. The Veli pendant lamp is available in all white or with a dramatic dark edge to highlight its elaborate silhouette. Suspend this showpiece above your dining table or in the living room, or dress up your foyer and create a striking welcome to your home. Choose from large and small sizes. For additional information, visit Slamp.


Posted in Pendant Lights on March 6, 2013 4:05 PM

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