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Stained Glass Screen Divider by Unda

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If you are looking for a dramatic and interesting way to divide your space, then this stained glass screen divider, Gaudi by Unda, may be just the thing. Colorful, playful and strong, this piece is the perfect way to inject a chromatic pattern into any space. Imagine what wonderful things must happen to a space when light interacts with the Gaudi divider? Magic, that's what. As Unda states, their products are made to transform your space into something "mystical, dramatic, emotional and beautiful". we believe Gaudi can achieve just that, in the appropriate environment, of course. This stained glass screen is foldable and stands 210 cm tall and 180 cm wide. Learn more at Unda Design.



Posted in Accessories on April 26, 2012 6:09 PM

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