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Amazing Pendants by Kalmar Austria - the Keule 5

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Kalmar Austia has a reputation that reaches far back when it comes to making amazing bespoke lighting - the Keule 5 pendants definitely don't break the rule. The German word Keule is the equivalent of a bat or club - basically a long handheld item, so you can see where these pendants got their name. It's actually a Kalmar design from the 50's and has been reintroduced for our present time. The glass is made of crystal and comes in a clear smooth variation or a hammered texture finish. They're super modern yet, the mid century vibe lives strong. They look really great in a cluster, but probably equally fantastic in a row (with the Keule 1 that is). Find out more at Kalmar.


Posted in Pendant Lights on August 12, 2012 1:24 PM

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