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Green Countertops from Eleek - Recycled Aluminum Countertops and Tiles

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Sustainable and stylish, the Eleek Recycled Aluminium Countertops and Tiles bring a rich texture and modern rustic character to kitchens. Featuring an organic River Rock finish that resembles weathered stone, the Recycled Tiles and Aluminium countertops add texture, depth and a silky-soft feel to counters and walls. With a clear powdercoat finish Eleek ensures that the aluminium is non-toxic, stain-proof and durable. A fabulous way to combine responsible living and fashionable style, these green countertops mirror the classic charm of tin tub and steel buckets but retain a sharp clean design. A stunning material that is easy to maintain, the Recycled Aluminum Countertops from Eleek make environmental design fashionable.

Posted in Countertops on September 7, 2007 4:51 PM

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