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Hot Glass Cabinet Knobs by Megna - handmade blown round cabinet knobs

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Handmade glamour, the Hot Glass Cabinet Knobs add sparkle to any room. Each one is work of art, designed by Martin Megna the glass is blown and formed in a 2000 degree heat. The shining swirls of glass are available in a broad range of colours and forms. As an example, the Cobra Wrap cabinet knob features a spiral coil that enwraps a topaz glass sphere. The black coil adds fabulous detail while providing a firm grip. Perfect for matching with darker wood, the Cobra Wrap adds a seductive interest. In contrast the Blue Amber Swirl doorknob is sleek and smooth. The surface undulates with colour, shrouded in mysterious beauty like a gas planet. Distinctive glitz for modern decoration the Glass cabinet knobs allow personal expression through fine detail. Buy Megna Knobs at prices from $34.


Posted in Decorative Hardware on January 18, 2007 10:10 PM

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