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Shower Panel Oasis from Tosca line by Visentin - a modern European luxury body panel

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The Tosca Oasis Shower Panel bathes you in European luxury while surrounding you in serene sophistication. The fabulous mix of shining metal with rich dark wood created a dignified pillar of modern excellence. The smooth sweeping metal arches above you and culminates in either a square or round shower head. The Oasis body panel releases a broad fall of streaming water for a luxurious wash of relaxation. No longer need you scald yourself nor fidget continuously to achieve the perfect water temperature; the body panel offers a digital temperature read out which makes the perfect shower achievable every time. For added convenience it features a removable shower wand, perfect for hard to reach spots and bathroom cleaning. With Easy-Clean shower spray tips and a Marine coating finish on the warm wood, the Oasis panel will last years without costly maintenance. Created by Visentin, the Oasis Shower Panel starts at $2,899 (Polished Chrome) and is available from Tosca USA by Visentin.


Posted in Shower Fixtures on January 12, 2007 4:36 PM

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