CEA Regolo Bathroom Faucet Debuts Sliding Temperature Control

Products : Bathroom Faucets

This elegant faucet design takes the guesswork out of temperature and flow. One sliding action allows you to control both the water temperature and the flow, just move the slider along the bar from right to left or vice ... more »

Calla Lily Chair by ZAD Italy has Dangerous Curves

Products : Lounge Chairs

This inspired chair has dangerous curves. The danger being that you'll never leave the sitting position. Aren't those lines beautiful? I can just imagine settling into one with a good book - it looks so comfortable. And what a ... more »

One Story House Sandwiched Between Two Concrete Slabs

Architecture : Concrete Homes

Located in a gated community called Quinta da Baroneza in the rural area of Itabtiba, 86km from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Redux House by Studio mk27 nestles into a sloped, west-facing site on the edge of a large environmental preservation ... more »

Nordic House Offers Relaxed Scandi Style for Your Home

Products : Accessories

Not everything Nordic is rustic or distressed - in fact, some of it is downright modern! And Nordic House, a UK based retailer with online fulfillment (see bottom of story), has some relaxed Scandinavian style to offer you. They ... more »

House Decorated in Brick Veneer Inside and Out

Architecture : Brick Houses

Located in South Fremantle, Western Australia, Mewstone II by Swell Homes is a modern expression of texture and color. Not ones to be afraid of making a statement, Swell Home brought the look of traditional brickery and juxtaposed it ... more »

8 Shipping Containers Make Up a Stunning 2-Story Home

Architecture : Prefab Homes

Casa Incubo is an earth friendly prefabricated home that employs a variety of sustainable features - including 8 shipping containers that form its 2-story footprint. Designed by Maria Jose Trejos, the home was created as a place to converge ... more »

East Meets West in Hybrid Dinnerware Collection by CTRLZAK Studio for Seletti

Tabletop : Dinnerware

What a unique idea! Merging East and West in dinner plates, cups, saucers, even platters! But the plates are the thing, that's where the contrast and harmony really stands out. The East and West meet with a colorful line ... more »

Retro Modern Free-standing Tub by Antonio Lupi

Products : Bathtubs

From the Ilbagno Suite by Antonio Lupi - this black tub is outstanding. Not to mention, free-standing. The combination of retro and modern is perfect for your contemporary look. The smooth, overflowing round edges of the tub have a ... more »

A Carpet Made From Pieces of Your Life, Your Memories and Some Old Clothes

Products : Rugs Carpets

All we can say is: Wow. Have you ever had an old shirt or an old pair of jeans that you just couldn't let go of? Or maybe you went on a diet and half your clothes don't fit ... more »

Beautiful Farmhouse Style Ranch Home designed for Outdoor Living

Architecture : Farmhouse Homes

LMK Interiors motto is to use color therapy intervention on the homes that they remodel and while Alamo Farmhouse boasts a neutral palette both inside and out, neutrals are color and when used in shades from light to dark ... more »