Tiny Industrial Style Guest House Conversion

Architecture : Compact Homes

From her beginnings as a furniture designer specializing in wood and steel, Christi Azevedo, founder of San Fran-based firm Azevedo Design, stayed true to her form in creating this tiny, industrial style brick house, where wood and steel are ... more »

Sweet Swing Seats - Fable by MyFace

Products : Furniture

Swing things are back in a big way, making the new MyFace Fable collection the must-see of the season. The Fable line of hanging chairs and sofas takes the traditional swing seat to new heights - about a foot ... more »

Tiny War Bunker Makes Unique Underground Home

Architecture : Underground Homes

Located in Fort Vuren, The Netherlands, this abandoned war bunker turned holiday home is not your everyday vacation retreat. But what a place to go to and unwind! At only 3Wx3Lx1.8H meters, covered by a grassy hill and surrounded ... more »

Natural Skin Kitchen by Minacciolo: Industrial and Sleek

Products : Kitchens

Natural Skin is composed of meticulously chosen and sourced materials that create a traditional feel within a modern aesthetic. The worktops are all exclusive to the kitchen and have a slimline feature with thicknesses from 2 to 20mm. ... more »

Bathroom in a Suitcase: My Bag by Olympia

Products : Bathroom Vanities

Dubbed "The concept that winks at vanity", My Bag is a place to express your vanity while actually being a vanity! Not only is the suitcase aesthetic a fun play on visuals but the catch phrase is a fun ... more »

Inspired Tree Trunk Kitchen by Werkhaus

Products : Kitchens

Designed by Willi Bruckbauer, this amazing kitchen features a large natural oak tree trunk (complete with bark) butting up to a thick concrete slab. The aesthetic is natural and man-made, fluid and geometric, warm and cold. It is the ... more »

Wooden Concrete House by Nestor Sandbank

Architecture : Wood Homes

Earthy materials meet modern design in this contemporary style wood and concrete house by Argentinean architect Nestor Sandbank. The clean-lined home in Kfar Shmariau (one of Israel's richest areas) features a warm, timber-wrapped upper level which appears to float ... more »

21 Table-size Christmas Trees to Set the Holiday Mood

Tabletop : Holiday Decor

Less is more, and good things come in small packages. 21 Christmas table top trees - the perfect centerpiece for your holiday meal. ... more »

Oceanfront Home Incorporates Boulders in Design

Architecture : Coastal Homes

Located in Vestfold, Norway, Rock House is a 300m2 summer home designed by Einar Jarmund, Hakon Vigsnaes, Jan Stavik and Nikolaj Zamecznik of JVA Architects. Rock House replaces an older home that previously occupied the site and some of ... more »

By Rydens: Modern Copper Lights Shine

Products : Lighting

There's just something about copper that makes it my favorite metal. And when copper is used to create unique and sculptural light pendants such as this Planet Taklampa, well, need I say more? ... more »