10 Amazing Wood Floors that will Knock Your Socks Off


Log End Floors These log end floors are nothing less than amazing. Check out the gradation and age on those log slices. Custom-made, they are the epitome of natural wood flooring. Winner of the Northwest Forestry Association's Environmental Craftsmanship Award, ... more »

Top 10 Tile Design Ideas for a Modern Bathroom for 2015


We've identified top 10 modern tile design ideas for bathrooms that are trending right now. If you're currently remodeling or planning to soon and need to make decisions about your bathroom design, you'll find this article handy. Reflective Tiles are ... more »

Concept Faucet KWC DAN is a new bathroom sensation


KWC DAN is a new concept faucet developed by NOA, a German-based product development company. The design is set to become KWC's next iconic faucet line. Trendir showcases many minimalist bathroom fixtures but Dan is quite unique because it's based ... more »

Adaptable Shelving - Fishbone by B-Line


Adaptable shelving - it sounds almost poetic as it gives a warm feeling that all is going to be OK and that shelf WILL fit into your small space. And the new Fishbone shelving by B-Line will. B-Line is known ... more »

Configurable Modular Bookshelves by Movisi - Build


One of the coolest bookshelf ideas we've seen lately. Be it a floor-standing bookcase or a wall-hanging bookshelf, you can create lots of different designs that fit many different interiors. This configurable bookcase is so versatile it can even serve ... more »

Trendy Bathroom Faucet is Pureness of Design, Grace of Form


One of the few purist designs you don't see every day. In a world of the modern bathroom, where every faucet shape has already been invented, the new 22mm faucet by Treemme is a refreshing newcomer. The purity of the ... more »

Minimalist Bathroom Fixtures Collection by Ex.t


Here's a unique minimalist approach to bathroom fixtures design - the 2015 bathroom collection by Ex.t called Stand. Designed in collaboration with the Danish studio Norm Architects, it includes a tub, a sink and a shelf. The extremely minimal cast ... more »

Will Crochet Blanket Find Its Way Into Your Modern Home?


The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word 'crochet' is grandma knitting crochet blankets. No wonder they call those common patterns the Granny Squares. Lately, I've been seeing crochet blankets popping up in modern homes. There ... more »

House Built with Pre-manufactured Steel Modules and Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL) beams

Architecture : Prefab Homes

PV14 House is located across the street from White Rock Park in Dallas, Texas. A modern house filled with unique details, M Gooden Design incorporated steel modules, Parallel Strand Beams, polished concrete floors, Stack bonded CMU masonry veneer at ... more »

Sophisticated Coastal Home Design Filled with Luxury Interiors

Architecture : Coastal Homes

KZ Architecture specializes in modern, resort style private homes and their West Broadview home on the Bay Harbor Islands in Florida is no exception. As with most coastal homes, West Broadview Home focuses on the views of the water ... more »