Train Depot to Modern Cottage Conversion

Architecture : Wood Homes

From train depot to modern cabin design in Connecticut, this cool timber house by Organschi Architecture has brought us to a screeching halt! We fell in love with its contemporary touches and prevailing cottage feel, which comes via the extensive ... more »

Contemporary Cantilever House Design by Paris Architects

Architecture : Slope Houses

Wood, glass and masonry come together in a trio of layers in this cantilevered French house design designed by Colboc Franzen & Associates. The Paris architects put together this simple yet at the same time "stacked" silhouette that begs to ... more »

Mallorca Resort Style Villa is a Seafront Paradise

Architecture : Coastal Homes

Now, this is what Mallorca, Spain, living is all about! This south-facing seafront house makes life a pleasure. The slope-side setting ensures unobstructed vista, helped along by the generous use of glass to take it all in. The resort style-home ... more »

Architect Elding Oscarson Adds a Vibrant White Townhouse to a Sleepy Swedish Street

Architecture : Compact Homes

Standing out as one of the first new homes in the last three decades to be built in the once economically ailing Swedish town of Landskrona, this impressive townhouse stands out as a signal of the area's revival. Built ... more »

Modern Riverside Home by Christopher Simmonds Architect Celebrates Landscape

Architecture : Custom Houses

Located in Dubrobin, Ontario, Canada on the shores of Ottawa River, project architect Samantha Schneider of Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. designed this riverside home to follow the firm's belief that "Successful buildings must be thoughtful, fitting into their neighborhoods ... more »

Marte Marte Builds Steel Tower for Three Daughters

Architecture : Custom Houses

Tall dark, handsome and a little rough around the edges, the Maiden Tower, designed by Marte Marte and located in Dafins, Vorarlberg, Austria, is the monolithic protector of 3 young daughters. Comprised of a common room on the ground ... more »

Energy Neutral Home Showcases Charred Facade

Architecture : Sustainable Homes

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Houtskelet Gebouw is completely built with recyclable or compostable materials and is the first home in the Netherlands to have two Passive Building Approvals - one for the design and one for the result. ZwartHout ... more »

Home Sandwiched between Pond and Ocean Maximizes Views and Boundaries

Architecture : Coastal Homes

Sandwiched between a freshwater pond and the Atlantic Ocean, Sagaponak was designed by Bates Masi Architects to maximize the views while at the same time incorporating as much function as possible for a family with four sons while still ... more »

Desert House with Awesome Viewing Veranda next to Pool

Architecture : Desert Homes

Designed as 3 distinct and separate volumes perched above the desert floor, Levin Residence was oriented by Ibarra Rosano Design Architects to take advantage of the sun, frame the views and trap the breezes of the Arizona, USA desert ... more »

Fascinating Waterfront Home Emerges like a Platform to view Ships

Architecture : Coastal Homes

Alberto Campo Baeza designed this Cadiz, Spain waterfront home to be one with the Atlantic Ocean by creating a profile that is barren of detail except for the brilliant rooftop pool that appears as a puddle of ocean water ... more »