Heavenly Interiors and Beautiful Floors: a Warehouse Renovation by Paola Navone

Interiors : Apartment Interiors

Paola Navone took advantage of the double volume space within an old warehouse to create an apartment that features a 2nd storey cat walk around the perimeter of the home, with a family room running down the center that ... more »

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Self-Sustaining Forest House Inspired By Trees

Architecture : Futuristic Homes

A concept for a new age of housing set within the world's forests, this residential design by Konrad Wojcik is meant to leave zero long-term impact on the land it occupies. Supported by a single ground point, the building ... more »

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4-Storey Tall House Reaches Above the Forest to See the Lake

Architecture : Lake Homes

Located on a lake in the most northwestern county of Michigan's lower peninsula, this impressive modern residence seeks to take advantage of the scenery offered by lakeside living and proximity to the nearby Sleeping Bear Dunes. Built on a ... more »

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Chile Vacation Home Uses Angled Support Columns to Add to Aesthetics and Preserve the Views

Architecture : Coastal Homes

Rambla House is a weekend home located in Zapallar, Valparaiso Region, along the central coast of Chile about 175km from Santiago. The site is exposed to strong south winds and intense sun from the west and LAND Arquitectos designed ... more »

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Amazing Cycladic Architecture on the Edge of the Caldera

Architecture : Coastal Homes

These 7 luxury villas are all within a housing complex designed by Giorgos Alexiou called the Aenaon Villas located on top of Santorini, Greece on the edge of the Caldara. The setting is spectacular with views of the Aegean ... more »

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Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin Furniture by Sentient

Products : Wooden Furniture

With Long Wool Icelandic Sheepskin covering the Long Wool Sofa, the idea of snuggling into it is sooo enticing and while curling up amidst the luxuriously soft 6"-8"L wool you can reflect upon the untold stories within its reclaimed ... more »

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Urban Apartment Decorating Style Mixes Fun with Functional

Interiors : Apartment Interiors

GAO Architects created a model suite within a Ljubljana, Slovenia apartment building and the final result is a fun filled dynamic interior filled with saturated colors, sculptural designs and most importantly - super functional spaces. It's a great example ... more »

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Dining and Pool Table Combination: Fusion Tables

Products : Furniture

The Fusion Table certainly is, as they claim, a new dimension in dining. What a great idea! Once dinner is over, take away the dishes, slide back the table top and voila: a pool table awaits. Such a clever ... more »

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Tiny Barn Conversion Zigzags Rooms Vertically

Architecture : Barn Homes

A small barn in the village of St. Ulrich, Ortisei, Italy was in a state of ruin before Christian Schwienbacher was tasked with the job of transforming it into a two bedroom home. One side of the barn was ... more »

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Existing Kiddie Treehouse is muse for Rancher Expansion

Architecture : Wood Homes

Stephen Moser Architect was asked to update a 50s rancher located on the western edge of Saxon Woods Park in NY, USA. The client's wanted their Mamaroneck house to expand horizontally to accommodate a new office, family room and ... more »

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