Modern Neoclassical Interiors Mixed with Contemporary by Britto Charette

Interiors : Whole House Interiors

Miami-based luxury interior design firm Britto Charette raised this pre-Depression-era home to new heights with a modern facelift that complements the building's neoclassical architectural details. The 4,000-sq.-ft. unit in Montreal's Golden Square Mile oozes affluence, with details that can ... more »

Stunning Floodplain Home Incorporates Unique and Functional Pilings

Architecture : Coastal Homes

The Northwest Harbor House, located in Sag Harbor NY, USA, straddles a tidal estuary and freshwater wetlands on a site that is only 6ft above sea level. When Bates Masi + Architects took on the project for their clients, ... more »

Skull Von Bronze Backplate Hardware for Doors by Faucetto

Products : Decorative Hardware

Shattering Conventionality is the catch phrase that Faucetto uses for their Skull Von Bronze series and while a skull plate for your door might be unconventional, it's the perfect touch of fugly Goth. What's fugly you ask? Its when ... more »

Sensational Ocean Kitchen and Aquarium by Robert Kolenik

Products : Kitchens

At first glance this amazing aquarium seems to have but one function - that of dazzling the viewer with its crystal clear water, LED lighting, select pieces of underwater geology and of course the ever moving and always beautiful ... more »

12 Modern Ways to Decorate a Pumpkin without Carving

Tabletop : Holiday Decor

Painted Pumpkins It's Fall and pumpkins are proudly being displayed in stores but this year when you bring home one or ten, instead of going traditional and carving a face into them, why not paint them a solid contemporary ... more »

Mansard Den with Bonfire-inspired Fireplace

Interiors : Fireplace Interiors

As autumn sets in, the timing is certainly right for this warm, cozy attic interior designed by Moscow firm, Ruetemple. This earthy, woody space occupies the mansard floor of a three-storey house, which was previously used as a dumping ... more »

Artistic Bathroom Fixtures Create Wow Effect

Trends : Bathroom Faucets

I mean just check out this Ametis Ring shower by CRAFF. Meant to represent a spa like halo with water cascading softly from the cantilevered ring to the person below the idea is to revitalize both the mind and ... more »

The Body-licious Dune Bathtub by Caroline Beaupere

Products : Bathtubs

Wrapped in porcelain waves of imaginary wind sculpted dunes and majestic mountains the Dune Bathtub by Caroline Beaupere is a stunning oasis of calm and tranquility. It is a place to forget your woes and be transported to another ... more »

Kitchen AK_04 by Arrital is Geo Style Perfection

Products : Kitchens

There is so much to love about the AK_04 kitchen by Italian manufacturer, Arrital. First there is the harmonic balance between man made materials with clear finished wood veneers, then there is the asymmetrical geo style that is composed ... more »

Beyond Exotic: The Special Tree Sideboard by JSB

Products : Wooden Furniture

An incredibly exotic sideboard, The Special Tree is part of the Beyond Memory Collection from Insidherland by JSB. It's part of a series representing the four seasons, this piece embodying summer and all that goes with it. Three types ... more »