Forest Cabin Redesign on a Modest Budget

Architecture : Cottage Homes

What started out as an old, un-heated and uninteresting cabin was transformed into a vibrant year-round retreat that we'd never want to leave! The redesign and revival by Reader & Swartz Architects infused this slope-side forest home with a bright ... more »

Sensory Sky Shower by Dornbracht offers water, light and ... scent


Have you ever dreamed of showering in the great outdoors? Now, turn that thinking on its head and imagine bringing nature's best into your bathroom. Introducing Dornbracht's Sensory Sky shower. The German company has transformed the common experience of ... more »

Alpine Villa Cleverly Uses Hillside to Form a Giant Wood Clad Courtyard

Architecture : Slope Houses

While the main entry to Alps Villa is on the lower side of the site's slope, Camilo Boticini Architects created a second entry on the 2nd floor that opens up to a sheltered outdoor courtyard. Surrounded on three sides ... more »

Son Builds House on top of his Mother's Home

Architecture : Home Additions

Located in a traditional neighborhood of Cehegin in Murcia, Spain - a place known for its high density housing - Grupo Aranea Architects built up to create a new penthouse suite for a young musician. His mother and sister already ... more »

10 Bathroom Shower Fixtures to Make Your Bathroom Super Awesome


The Coolest Shower Ever Designed Here's the simple walk-in shower design example and here's the dual-shower installation for the coolest setup, in this BBS Panel home. ... more »

15 Awesomest Modern Wooden Bedroom Designs You Would Want to Imitate


We've always been fascinated by creative wooden interiors, and we strive to find new interesting ideas every day ... but finding out how creative some architects can be is even more fascinating than wood itself. Today, we'd like you see ... more »

15 Modern Home Office Designs you won't get any work done in


I don't think I can get much work done with the spectacular forested views or ocean views just outside my home office window. Writing a romantic poem or a novel? Maybe. But doing my taxes? No way. I would have ... more »

Sustainable Home with 2 Landscaped Roofs conceals Private Terrace

Architecture : Mountain Homes

High in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado is a 2,850sqft sustainable house that is filled with urban amenities and yet at the same time it is a place that celebrates its natural and forested environment. Completely integrated into its ... more »

Flowing Spiral Wood Staircase is a Work of Art

Interiors : Staircase Designs

This is one of the most jaw dropping wood staircases we have ever seen. When one thinks of a spiral staircase, the wrought iron model comes to mind with narrow stairs, open backs. When Carney Logan Burke (CLB) Architects ... more »

House Features Wall of Operable Reclaimed Douglas Fir Screens

Architecture : Home Additions

Echo House by Paul Raff Studio Architects is located in Toronto, Canada on a 2-acre site. It is not a new home but rather a renovation and expansion of a smaller house and the transformation is so complete that ... more »